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AFBE Leadership Programme

We inspire effective leadership and encourage individuals to transition into corporate management and executive positions in their career.

We Believe That

Every individual has a unique personality however, the way we communicate should have a positive impact on others.

Regardless of leadership styles, we should be authentic and true to ourselves to gain the trust of others.

To lead effectively every individual should take ownership and responsibility.

What We Do?

We shed the spotlight on individuals who are exceptional and have been able to progress into senior leadership roles in their careers by hosting real, honest and straight talk conversations with these individuals on various leadership topics. For more visit our leadership talk series.

We Elevate And Maximise Your Leadership Impact By Delivering Our Specially Curated Leadership Training Programme – TRANSCEND To Help You Achieve Your Full Potential. ​

Leadership Talk Series

Take a look at our expansive series of videos with content to help inspire and empower your leadership development.

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Unlock your true leadership potential and accelerate your career with our customised development program.

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TRANSCEND is for people of colour who want to be the best leaders they can be to enable them to progress and transition into corporate leadership level.


The underrepresentation of people of colour at corporate leadership level in most companies and organisations is well documented with very limited progress.


This course aims to inspire effective leadership and encourage strategic transition into corporate management and executive roles.

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