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Leadership Talks

Straight talk conversations with exceptional individuals who are breaking boundaries and glass ceilings.
Brought to you by the AFBE Leadership Team.

Started in June 2020

Online audience from 4 continents

Over 1000+ people in attendance

27 Leadership Talk Sessions and counting

Talks around Leadership, Leadership Skills and Development, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, Career Progression, Mentorship, Influence and many more

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Dr Roy Bitrus

Co-Chair AFBE UK Scotland and Leadership Team Coordinator Director of Sale, TenzorGEO Member OEUK Diversity and Inclusion Task Group

“The leadership talks provide personal insights into the career journeys and experiences of individuals who have been exceptional in their careers as they rise to the top. Their stories have the power to inspire, motivate and empower others to set ambitious goals, build confidence, and overcome challenges and obstacles with practical tips on how to navigate the complexities in becoming a leader in both personal and professional lives. I would encourage aspiring leaders to be part of the AFBE Leadership family“

Co-Hosts Team

Bunmi Owolabi

AFBE Leadership Team

“As a co-host of this leadership talk series, I have witnessed how real leaders are made and how they have transformed their weaknesses into strengths. To be part of the planning, scheduling, and organizing has been a great privilege for me. The talk series has been inspirational – from learning about atypical leaders to authentic leaders and more.  This monthly talk offers a unique opportunity for aspiring leaders to learn from global leaders and gain insights into becoming authentic leaders. Participating in this series will inspire and encourage you and equip you with the knowledge and tools needed to succeed in leadership. Don’t miss out on this life-changing experience, join us on this transformation journey today.”

Emma Opara

AFBE Leadership Team

The leadership talk series has afforded us the privilege to have regular access to some of the most dynamic frontrunners across varied disciplines and industries. The AFBE-UK has created a fantastic space for many growing professionals to see through the looking-glass and understand how leaders have forged their own paths. I particularly enjoy how Roy always successfully delivers this well-structured event within an hour, while not losing the precision of engagement that connects the speaker of day with the widely spanned online audience. The series is here to stay and we look forward to an exciting forward-plan of who next will be delivering some incredible reflections to cultivate minds and ambitions.

Beatrice Siyanbola

AFBE Leadership Team

“Hearing from an exceptional group of leaders alongside such an engaged audience has been extremely valuable to me personally. The biggest eye-opener has been the outcomes that some of these leaders have seen by courageously asking for opportunities that they wanted – not waiting for the opportunities to be offered to them.”

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